Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I'm baaaaack

After a break of a year I'm kind of back in the game... Well trying anyway. Back in the blogging game. So of course I have suffered from bloggers block... Wanting to produce the best blog in the whole world ever ever ever has as per usual resulted in producing no blog what so ever.... No surprises there... Ask any writer ever. So instead I'll work on producing a fair to middling blog.... I am embracing the lowered expectation.

Also after writing a few pieces for a more public blog and seeing some interesting comments - I got scared... We writers are delicate flowers.... But now I've decided to harden the fuck up (and also not read any comments... No really... I will no longer Google myself either.... Really)

So without further ado.... I put up this little theory on the nature of soul mates... (As you requested miss Julie J)


Once apon a time... in a bar far away... after many wines two friends lamented the possibility that there might not actually be someone out there weird enough to deal with us (well more me than her... But Tetris of the heart is tough and finding someone that really suits you is actually pretty miraculous)

Which brings us to the duck-billed platypus... if in this world of infinite wonder something as absolutely bizarre as the platypus can exist then there is a definite chance that somewhere out there there is some one who shares your love of the David Hasselhoff Christmas album and has empathy for your pathological fear of crockery with pictures of kittens on it ( this, of course, does not refer to me... I feel the the Hoff's German pop albums are far superior to the English Christmas version... I am, however, terrified of kitten pictures on plates which I think is perfectly reasonable)

That is all for now... I need to go have a lie down now... That was exhausting!

Ps some facts about the platypus below

The DBP bitches


Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout ... Call me David... Call me

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  1. Yay you're back in the game and there's no need to be scared. As for your duck-billed platypus theory, well I'm totally down with that. However, have you seen that naked mole rat thing?? Just goes to show there is someone out there for everyone... even a naked mole rat, duck-billed platypus or sphinx cat (just weird).