Monday, 9 December 2013

In transit

So here I sit at Perth airport. Feeling like Tom Hanks in that movie where he's trapped in an airport for some reason..... Can't remember what the reason was... Only he was good natured and it was a very nice airport... Perth only has a bar, coffee shop and a place selling saturated fat masquerading as hot dogs and pizza (guess where I chose to eat my dinner..?..) so instead of being a happy trolley-rally-racing charmingly-accented foreign man developing a touching relationship with a duty-free sales clerk. I'm a grouchy un-groomed weird hybrid accented sleep deprived foreigner who keeps walking into stuff and dozing off at the free internet computer thingies.

On the subject of free internet... Oh the shame! I thought I would do a quick Tumblr run checking up on Tom Mison, Benedict Cumberbatch and any other tall British oft stalked actors... Of course the communal computer got stuck on some sort of weird fan fiction page and after frantically trying to get the thing to shut down I had to try to sneak off and pretend it wasn't me who killed the communal computer with Tumblr porn.... WHY ME? Can't I just randomly stalk people in peace... Life is so unfair (seriously though I'm not a weirdo... ) (really really seriously) (I just wanted to know how The Hobbit 2 premier was going)

I did learn a new word though.... "Shipping" no not the type that goes on the ocean, rather this is (as far as I can guess from context) when you actively support and promote a relationship between two characters in a show... not sure if it also counts for real life people. Would go on Urban dictionary to check the definition but I'm too scared of what the page might get stuck on.... ( see "dogs in a bath tub" and "a Golden Gate Bridge" for some idea of how horribly it might all go wrong.)

Other than that... Am actively panicking because I'm on standby for my flight so I have no idea what I'll do if I don't make it on the plane. But will cross that lack of bridge when I come to it... 

I wish I was one of those non panicky people. (I was going to say I would pay for it but you can pay for it it's called Valium.... Lol.... So sleep deprived.... Decided to not edit this post... Should be amusing.... Sort of post-modernist.... Ok ..... Coffee stat)

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